About Job Search Focus Group

In Greater Cincinnati, professionals in transition start the week on a powerful, positive note with JSFG, the nation’s largest, longest‑running support group of its kind.

Career Transition Guidance and Support

Over 13,000 people have benefited from JSFG meetings since 1992. JSFG is a valued, all-volunteer outreach of the Hyde Park Community UMC.

JSFG’s famed Monday morning meetings include new member orientation and networking opportunities and feature news, updates, introductions to employers, other topics of interest, and more—all in a supportive environment.

Workdays 9 to 3, volunteers staff our office, helping fellow members access resources, refine resumes, discuss strategies, and make progress on committee initiatives.


Brian Holbrook

Email: brianholbrook515@gmail.com

Where to Find Us

Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church

1345 Grace Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208